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Putin offers cheap energy and benefits to Chinese investors in Russia

Proud of economic ties with China, Putin said he will offer Chinese investors in Russia “economic advantages,” the use of the country’s technology and “highly qualified personnel.”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin this Friday offered China the possibility of supplying energy at affordable prices and promised advantages for companies from the Asian country that invest in Russian territory.

“Russia is ready and able to provide China’s economy, businesses, cities and people with affordable and environmentally friendly energy, light and heat in an uninterrupted and reliable manner,” Putin said in his opening speech at the eighth Russia-China Exhibition, in. Harbin city, Heilongjiang province, northeast China.

The Russian president highlighted that the partnership between both countries in the energy sectorwhich he considered a “reliable support for the global energy market”, will continue to grow in the future.

Congratulating Chinese companies’ interest in producing in Russia, Putin said he would offer investors “economic advantages, assistance and support” and the use of the country’s technology and “highly qualified personnel.”

The Russian president once again praised the commercial relationship between Moscow and Beijing, at a time when both countries are subject to economic sanctions and punitive customs duties imposed by third parties due to the war in Ukraine, in the case of the former, and for reasons commercial. reasons, in the case of the second.

“I think we can be proud of the results of our economic ties.“Putin stated.

Trade between China and Russia registered, in 2023, a year-on-year growth of 26.3%, up to 240 billion dollars (223 billion euros).

Beijing has become the largest market for Russian oil and gas and a major source of imports, including dual-use civilian and military goods that keep Russia’s military machine operational, even though China bans arms sales to the neighboring country.

In his speech, Putin invoked brotherhood between both countries in the face of external enemies, in a context of growing pressure from the West on both nations.

He highlighted the participation of Soviet soldiers in liberating China from the Japanese invasion in 1945, a day after meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, in a face-to-face meeting that ended Western hopes that Beijing would pressure Moscow why wage war in Ukraine.

Xi Jinping tells Putin that China and Russia will “preserve justice in the world”

This is Putin’s second visit to China in less than a year, following his October 2023 trip.

Source: Observadora

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