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Adhesion to the 100% strike in garbage collection. Paralysis already affects hospitals, says Common Front

In the solid waste of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) there was 100% adherence to the strike of officials, which began at 00:00 this Friday, and the large hospital centers are in minimum services, according to the Common Front.

“There are a large number of people who join the large hospital centers, such as Braga and the hospitals of S. João, in Porto, S. José, in Lisbon or in Amadora Sintra. All in minimum services”, operating only emergencies and hospitalizations, the coordinator of the Common Front of Public Administration Unions, Sebastião Santana, told Lusa.

The national strike of civil servants, which began at 00:00 this Friday, began at the beginning of the night shift of the workers of health areas and urban solid waste collection (domestic waste) Be the first to go on strike.

Among the reasons for the strike called by the Common Front are the demand for immediate salary increases, the establishment of maximum price limits for goods and servicesvaluing careers and strengthening public services.

In the education sector, the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof) announced this week that teachers and educators will participate in the strike of the Public Administrations and non-teaching workers are covered by the prior call of the Common Front.

Teachers and researchers join the general strike and bet on protection

For the day after the strike, Saturday, a national demonstration is scheduled in Lisbon, promoted by the CGTP, for the general increase in wages and pensions due to the rise in the cost of living.

Source: Observadora

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