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Union: adherence to the National Health Service pharmacists’ strike is around 90%

Participation in the strike of National Health Service (SNS) pharmacists is around 90%, according to the union that called the strike, which states that there is no reason for the discontent of these health professionals to decrease.

Let’s get to 90% (…). There is no reason for people to demobilize. On the contrary, people are increasingly angry for not calling us,” Henrique Reguengo, president of the National Union of Pharmacists (SNF), which called the strike, told Lusa.

The SNS pharmacists returned to strike this Tuesday, this time at the national level, after the district closures which they did on the 5th and 12th of this month, in an attempt to force a “serious negotiation process” with the guardianship.

In the morning, dozens of SNS pharmacists gathered in front of the Ministry of Health, in Lisbon, where they held a small march carrying several signs and a banner that said “SNS pharmacists in fight! For everyone’s health! and shouting phrases like “Pizarro listen, the pharmacists are fighting.”

The SNF questions the fact that the Ministry of Health remains silent, without expressing any intention to “start a serious negotiation process.”

A meeting between both parties was held in January, which the union considered a “absolute disappointment” and subsequent meetings ended without significant progress.

The last strike notice, delivered in July, included national (July 24 and September 19) and district strikes (September 5 and 12).

Among the SNF’s demands are updating salary tablesHe complete count of service time in the SNS for promotion and professional progression, the adaptation of the number of pharmacists to the needs of the public service and the recognition by the Ministry of Health of the specialist title.

On the 26th, Pharmacist’s Day is celebrated, with a ceremony in Porto. Questioned by Lusa, Henrique Reguengo stated: “It would be good if the minister arrived there with a openness to negotiate things seriously“said Henrique Reguengo.

Source: Observadora

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