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The inflation rate remains at 2.4% in the euro zone and 2.6% in the EU in April

The annual inflation rate remained at 2.4% in the euro zone in April, Eurostat confirmed this Friday, revealing that in the European Union (EU), the price increase also remained at 2.6%, compared to March.

However, inflation rates decreased compared to last year, as in April 2023 it was 7.0% in the euro area and 8.1% in the EU.

The European statistical service confirmed this Friday the preliminary estimate for the euro area advanced at the end of April and published data for all member states, adding that the indicator, measured by the harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP), fell by 15 Member States, it remained unchanged in four and increased in eight.

The annual rate of core inflation, which excludes energy and unprocessed food prices, fell to 2.8% in April, compared with 3.1% in May.

The lowest inflation rates were recorded in Lithuania (0.4%), Denmark (0.5%) and Finland (0.6%), at the opposite extreme, with the highest rates, Romania (6.2% ), Belgium (4.9%) and Croatia (4.7%). %).

Portugal, at 2.3%, has the eighth lowest inflation rate, measured by the HIPC, a chain drop (2.6% in March) and year-on-year (6.9% in April 2023).

The aggregate of services was the one that, in April, presented the highest inflation rate (3.7%), followed by processed foods, alcohol and tobacco (3.2%) and energy and unprocessed foods (2.8%). , while the energy aggregate remains on a negative trajectory, having fallen by 0.6%.

Source: Observadora

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