Writer Andrew Morton reveals the transformation of the relationship between Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Diana, from friendship to fierce enmity.

Princess Margaret, despite her evil nature, was sympathetic to Princess Diana from the moment she arrived at the royal palace. She supported her and gave her advice and walked her on stage amid her declining relationship with Prince Charles and her contempt for her presence. Princess Diana told writer Andrew Morton: “She loved Margot very much, she was wonderful from day one.” When Diana suffered harsh conditions and confusion as a result of Charles’s betrayal, Margaret defended her and asked the Queen to absorb her reactions.
But the relationship between Princess Margaret and Princess Diana began to transform in 1992, especially after the publication of the book Diana: Her True Story, which chronicles her suffering and the failure of her marriage. Princess Margaret supported her sister, Queen Elizabeth, who was shocked after learning the contents of the book, and Margaret supported the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, despite the strange idea at the time. And her relationship with Princess Diana deteriorated after the latter said that during her marriage to Charles she suffered from Camilla’s presence and questioned her ability to take the royal throne. After this statement, Princess Margaret felt that she had been betrayed, threw away the magazines dedicated to Diana and prevented her children from treating her, and sent her a shocking message expressing her opinion that she had disappointed everyone. Since then, she has become her archenemy and asked the Queen to strip her of her titles until the request was fulfilled in 1996.
Some believed that Princess Diana’s death had curbed Princess Margaret’s hatred, but despite her sympathy for Princes William and Harry, she was concerned by the commotion following Diana’s death and the accumulation of flowers under the windows of the Royal Palace. She advised her sister to get by with simple burial ceremonies. But the queen did not give in to her wishes, especially since then Prime Minister Tony Blair indicated that the royal family should share the pain of the British people for her beloved princess. Margaret was with her sister the Queen to bid farewell to the princess’s coffin during the funeral procession in front of Buckingham Palace and under the gaze of the whole world, and she did not hesitate to exchange with the Queen about the renovation of the bathrooms of the Royal Palace. palace.
Princess Margaret’s hatred continued months after Princess Diana’s death so she was determined to destroy her reputation and proceeded to collect her letters for Queen Elizabeth and asked to put them in black bags and gave orders to immediately destroy them in place to deposit them in the assigned place. to them in the archives of the royal family.