Officials in Shanghai, China’s commercial capital, today said anyone violating lockdown rules related to “Covid-19” would be severely punished as authorities mobilized citizens to protect their city while the number of new cases of Corona virus has risen to more than 25,000.

The city’s police department explained in detail the restrictions faced by most of the 25 million residents and urged them to “fight the epidemic with unity… and work together to achieve an early victory.”

“Anyone who violates the provisions of this notice will be strictly prosecuted by public security services under the law… and if it is related to the commission of a crime, an investigation will be conducted in accordance with the law,” police said. in a statement. statement.

Shanghai, China’s financial center, is under tremendous pressure to curb the country’s largest coronavirus outbreak since the virus was first identified in late 2019 in the city of Wuhan, 800 kilometers west of Shanghai.

Shanghai police have also alerted millions of residents stuck at home trying to get daily supplies due to spreading misinformation or forging traffic permits.

Police have also banned driving vehicles on the streets, except for those involved in the prevention of epidemics or transportation of people in need of emergency medical care.

And Shanghai’s Dragon TV station, which is operated by state-owned Shanghai Media Group, said it canceled a party due to air today to commemorate the fight against Covid after the event was greeted by a sudden social media criticism.

And in Shanghai, 25,141 new asymptomatic cases of Corona virus were reported yesterday, up from 22,348 cases a day earlier, and the number of symptomatic cases jumped to 1,189 from 994.

And echoes of Covid’s measures echoed in Shanghai, reflecting China’s strict strategy, which it calls “Covid Zero”, to break the chains of virus transmission in the global economy. This is not only hurting tourism, but also affecting supply chains in all sectors, analysts warn.