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A voice for a new collective: this is how the Companhia Paulo Ribeiro dances again

At the beginning, questions are listed: is it possible to dance Ingmar Bergman? And if so, what will it be? What body will that be? What dynamic will he have? Inspired by the universe of the Swedish filmmaker and playwright, Paulo Ribeiro returns to choreographic creation with a stable company to turn us inside out, as in Bergman’s films and plays. And there is everything: melancholy, party, party and defined silences as if we were falling into an abyss. Almost ten years ago, as a soloist, the Portuguese choreographer took the stage, for the last time as a dancer, to give body and expression to the piece “Without a you, there can be no me” (2014), also centered on the work of director of “The Seventh Seal”. She now returns to inhabit this dimension of dialogue with “an author of an inspiring path”, but this time with a collective, which also marks the return of her dance company to the active one, after a period of interregnum. The new creation, which she called “Without us, there can be no voice”, debuts this Friday, May 26 at the Estoril Academy of Arts, where it will remain until Sunday the 28th.

The movement is now collective and still has a very present dramaturgical side. Voices are heard that speak to us about the importance of the connection between bodies, and the importance of a collective voice that rises in the hope of better days. There is a ruckus, a samba and then the beginning of a kind of parade of more static movements. We dance like in a bar, among the five bodies that make up the cast of the company, and we see egos that intertwine. They are rotating bodies that are not sustained. They always need the support, the counterweight and the balance that can only be achieved with this shared effort among all. “Without us, there can be no voice”, is heard again in the voices of Bárbara Guimarães and the choreographer Clara Andermatt. Paulo Ribeiro says that it is a “solo multiplied”, in a creation that summons humor and emotion. “It’s about the complicity that is built when you work in a group,” he explained to the Observer during one of the rehearsals in this renovated space in Estoril, where the company will remain for at least the next four years.

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Source: Observadora

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