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Operation Marquis. More than a year later and the appeal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has not yet reached the Relationship

The appeal against the instructive sentence of judge Ivo Rosa, who dismissed part of the accusation derived from Operation Marquês, should only go up to the Lisbon Court of Appeal as of December 21, the last day of the term for the lawyers of the defendants to respond. accused. to the reasons invoked by the Public Ministry. Which means that the appeal delivered in September 2021 will only reach the higher court one year and three months later -although in that period two trials have already elapsed, by Ricardo Salgado and Armando Vara, as a result of that decision.

The appeal against the order issued by the investigating judge Ivo Rosa, who decided that of the 28 accused of 189 crimes, there was only enough evidence to prosecute five for a total of 31 crimes, was delivered in September 2021 , but prosecutors Rosário Teixeira and Vítor Pinto insist that 27 defendants must go to trial for practically all the initial crimes (with some nuances), leaving out only the consultancy XMI Management & Investments SA, directed by the businessman friend of the former President of the Government José Sócrates, Carlos Santos. Silva, since it is in the process of liquidation.

Misrepresentations, errors and absurdities. How the Public Ministry dismantles Ivo Rosa’s decision in 5 points

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Source: Observadora

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