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Consular workers union suspends strike and schedules negotiations

The union that represents the workers of the diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad announced this Saturday the suspension of the strike scheduled for Monday and the start of negotiations with the Government, after having received “concrete and decisive elements”.

According to a statement from the Union of Consular Workers, Diplomatic Missions and Central Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (STCDE), “the conditions are set for a serious and continuous negotiation” starting this Monday.

The STCDE had announced a strike as of that date and with a duration of six weeks, justified by “the inertia of the Government in approving new salary scales applicable to all workers” and by the “lack of materialization” of agreements that were made in recent times, in various subjects.

After new elements on the proposals and the negotiation calendar, the STCDE decided “the immediate suspension of the strike”, underlining the importance “of dialogue prevailing, when such flagrant and scandalous issues are at stake”.

In November, the Minister of Foreign Relations, João Gomes Cravinho, said that he believed in the possibility of avoiding the six-week strike called by the union.

“There is room for dialogue and it will be possible, if the union wants, to avoid this strike”, said Gomes Cravinho, confident that it will be “possible to start a dialogue and look at some of their demands” in the following weeks.

The strike of the workers of the diplomatic missions and consular offices, decreed by the STCDE, would take place between December 5 of this year and January 12, 2023.

Source: Observadora

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