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WATCH: Ravens and Jets fans put the rivalry aside and sing the national anthem together on 9/11

New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens fans gathered to sing the national anthem, putting aside their pre-game football rivalry on Sunday, September 11.

MetLife Stadium, just ten miles from Ground Zero, became patriotic as the Jets opened their home season.

The Jets brought in NYPD officer Brianna Fernandez to sing the goofy song. After Officer Fernandez said the first words, he dropped the microphone, stepped back, and let the united crowd of fans finish the song.

It happened on the 22nd anniversary of a day of true disgrace, when the entire stadium erupted in applause, when extremists killed more than 3,000 Americans in the most horrific series of attacks ever committed. against America.

Officer Fernandez jumped to his feet to finish the song, and the crowd stayed with him until the last note.

After the anthem, “USA, USA” slogans were chanted in the stadium.

This is a disturbing example of how Islamic extremists can harm thousands of Americans directly and millions indirectly. But they neither crushed our souls nor prevented us from being the greatest nation in the world.

America may be politically divided today, but we are still united in the face of terrorism.

Source: Breitbart

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