Brazil international Thiago Silva has made statements to the Tunisian media deploring the racist slur from a Tunisian fan who threw bananas at his colleague Richarlison while celebrating a goal scored against an opponent.

Thiago Silva said in a statement to the Tunisian media present in Paris to cover the match: “The whistling of the Tunisian fans during our national anthem is normal and always happens and I consider it part of the support.”

He added, “But what really upset me was the way bananas were thrown. This is where football ends and everything ends and we can’t talk about football. That shot hurt me a lot.”

Silva said of the Tunisian team: “The Tunisian team gave us a hard time at the beginning of the match, but we knew how to overcome this problem by diversifying the game, especially the discipline, and the Tunisian player’s red card changed the face of the match.”

He concluded by saying: “The Tunisian team has some good players, a great personality and they can do their best and I think they are capable of making it to the second round during the World Cup in Qatar.”