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BMW M3 Touring debuts at Goodwood in the rain

We have already discussed the latest generation of the BMW M3 Touring, the German van that currently holds the Nürburgring track record for this class of vehicle. But after becoming the fastest van in the world on the demanding German trackstill camouflaged, the M3 Touring was present at the Festival of Speed, in Goodwood, where it finally revealed its forms, as well as its technical characteristics.

The BMW M3 Touring beats the Mercedes-AMG E63 S at the Nürburgring

Despite the rain that insisted on being present during the ascent of the ramp, the spectators had the opportunity to admire the new Touring, which manages to “put” inside an elegant and relatively discreet family vehicle, the mechanics of a real sports car. The engine is the well-known 3.0 in-line six-cylinder powered by two turbos, which here develops 510 hp and 650 Nm.. Power is put to the ground through an all-wheel drive system to maximize grip and handling.

Unable to demonstrate at Goodwood his ability to achieve 280km/has well as the potential to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 secondsDue to the rain and the layout of the ramp, the M3 Touring installed 20-inch wheels, while announcing that, optionally, customers can purchase a braking system with carbon discs, to better resist the heat released during use. intensive.

The BMW M3 Touring Competition M xDrive, as the version shown in England is called, will be available to order from September, for Values ​​from €125,300. Production begins in November at the BMW Group plant in Munich. Until then, you can enjoy the fastest lap achieved at the Nürburgring:

Source: Observadora

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