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Volkswagen mods one of its most popular teen cars

Some websites have reported that Volkswagen is planning to release modified versions of the ID.3, which has been very popular for the past two years.

According to the latest leak, the new cars will receive changes that will make them more distinctive compared to the existing ID.3 cars, and the exterior design of the cars will be changed to make them sportier. this, and they will also have extensive equipment. wheels. Sizes from 16 to 19 inches.

The most noticeable changes appear in the design of the small air wing at the rear of the chassis and the front and rear design, as well as the shape of the shock absorbers and air vents on these cars. lights too.

Inside, these cars will get new driving interfaces that are almost completely devoid of traditional buttons, and these interfaces are equipped with a 12-inch touchscreen in the middle and a prominent display from the interface and windshield placed opposite the steering wheel. It will have speed display technologies and road data for the driver.

The new car, which will have batteries that can carry longer distances than the current ID.3 batteries, will have distance sensors, advanced cameras, light and rain sensors, as well as technologies of Plug & Charge for charging. It will have advanced security systems that can detect vehicles and pedestrians on the roads to prevent accidents.

Source: moto1

Source: Arabic RT

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