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Russia is developing new technologies to clean water and air from harmful substances

Many Russian companies have announced the beginning of the process of developing new technologies to clean water and air from harmful substances, to abandon imported equipment.

According to available information, two Russian companies, Alexandra-Plus and Novotech-ECO, have begun to develop a new generation of equipment and technology used to clean water and air from microbes and harmful substances. The products of the two companies, based on ultraviolet rays and sound waves, will be sold in the domestic and foreign markets.

Oleg Lebedev, Director of Novotech-ECO on the subject, said: “Ultraviolet lamps are an important part of sterilization devices and with the launch of the first package of sanctions imposed on Russia since 2014, we realized that we need the something like this. technology to give up foreign products, so we decided to make them locally, there are Russian companies that make such things, but they don’t make them in large quantities and for limited use. . local demand We worked with our partners on this project and became completely independent from foreign suppliers.

The lamps manufactured by our company are designed to work not only with Russian devices, but also with many foreign devices.

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Source: Arabic RT

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