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Hungary..An ancient tomb of a man with surgical instruments was found

Archaeologists from the Hungarian University of Budapest found the grave of a century-old man with operatic instruments.

On the university’s website, it is stated that archaeologists have found the tomb of a man who lived in the 1st century AD near the Hungarian town of Jaspern, and scientists have determined that this tomb belonged to a doctor who buried with surgical instruments.

Among the surgical instruments scientists found in the tomb were scalpels made of silver-plated copper alloys and replaceable steel blades, tweezers, needles, and possibly a special stone used to stimulate the contents of medicines.

The tools found date back to the 1st century AD and are very beautiful. Ironically, scientists could not determine the reason for the presence of a doctor with quality instruments in this remote area in modern-day Western Hungary, which was under Roman control in the 1st century. This was a transitional period and the Celts settled in this area.

According to the researchers, the doctor died at the age of 50-60, and no trace of injury or illness was found on his lips. Scientists have yet to determine if he is a resident of the area. But according to one of the hypotheses, he is said to be visiting a patient. So scientists plan to run a series of additional tests to determine this.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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