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AR rejects the crime of sexual harassment and approves psychological support for victims in higher education

Parliament approved this Wednesday a bill that provides for the creation of psychological support responses for victims of harassment in higher education, rejecting, however, the PAN proposal that would create the crime of sexual harassment.

Livre, which proposed the reinforcement of psychological support for victims of harassment and sexual violence in higher education, saw your bill pass with votes in favor of the PCP, Bloco de Esquerda (BE), PAN and Livre and the abstention of the remaining parliamentary benches.

On the other hand, the PAN initiative to consecrating the crime of sexual harassment received only favorable votes from BE, PAN and Livredeserving, however, the votes against the PS, PSD, Liberal Initiative (IL) and PCP, and Chega’s abstention.

Last week, parliament had already voted and rejected two bills, by Chega and the Bloco de Esquerda (BE), which provided for modifications to the Penal Code to aggravate penalties for sexual harassment and create the crime of sexual harassment.

In addition to the diploma courses on bullying, this Wednesday two PAN initiatives related to the protection of children were voted on. One of the initiatives, with a view to the creation of the Ombudsman for Children and Future Generations, was rejected by the PS and PSD, with Chega, BE, PAN and Livre voting in favor, and IL and Livre abstaining. PCP.

The party’s second initiative on the subject proposed changing the composition and functioning of the Child and Youth Protection Commissions, and obtained the favorable votes of BE, PAN and Livre, and the abstention of PSD, Chega, IL and PCP , but ended up being rejected by the PS.

Parliament also rejected a Livre bill with a view to criminalization. PS, PSD, IL PCP and BE voted against, Chega and Livre voted in favor and PAN abstained.

On the other hand, a PAN draft resolution was approved that recommends that the Government implement the digital services law and promote awareness and training actions to combat hate speech online and cyber bullying.

The initiative had the support of the PCP, BE, PAN and Livre and the abstention of the remaining benches.

Source: Observadora

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