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Lisbon: bad weather forces the cancellation of Santos’ concerts in the Tagus this Thursday

The organization of the 1st edition of Santos no Tejo, in Lisbon, was forced to cancel the entire program for this Thursday, June 8 due to bad weather brought on by the Oscar depression. In a statement, the organization states that the ticket is valid for the 12th.

“Not guaranteeing the minimum security conditions necessary for the proper functioning of the ‘largest santodromo in the capital’, due to theweather forecast recordThe organization decided that this Thursday, June 8, Santos no Tejo will be closed,” the statement read.

With Insert Coin as the headliner, the artists scheduled for the 8th will take the stage on Monday the 12th. The last day of the event also features names such as Ágata, DJ Nuno Lopes or Moullinex.

According to the organization, tickets for all day 8 can be exchanged for day 12. For each, the input becomes double. In case of return, the request must be made through the email indicated on the website.

Santos no Tejo, which began on June 1, received more than 16,000 visitors in the first four days of the event, in Doca da Marinha. Each online ticket costs 7.50 euros, with a drink included. If purchased at the entrance to the venue, it will cost €10, without drinks.

Source: Observadora

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