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The Government “considers” incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MAE) says that it is “considering” what the priorities for public support should be in the purchase of electric vehicles, an official source told Jornal de Notícias this Tuesday. Guardian complains that he has taken office and the funds are practically all committed.

The news comes at a time when forms have not yet been published so that people can apply for a subsidy for the acquisition of 100% electric vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles or electric bicycles and scooters. Typically, these forms were available in the first few months of the year.

Support in this area will be subject to review, says Jornal de Notícias, based on official government information. The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MAE), led by Maria da Graça Carvalho, is reviewing the Environmental Fund financing protocols for this year, drawn up by the previous executive, and will make changes. This is because “the income for 2024 was practically all committed” when the new Government took office, according to Público, an official source from the ministry.

“Only 3.5% of the funds were available” when the current Executive took office, indicated the guardianship, cited by Público. The other items in the Environmental Fund budget “have been evaluated and some protocols are ready to be developed with the entities,” adds the same source. “As for the remaining budget for 2024, The Government studies priorities in relation to the support to be granted”said the Graça Carvalho office.

Source: Observadora

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