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BBC presenter found dead on Greek island died of natural causes

Mosley was found face up and unharmed, indicating that he died from extreme heat after making a mistake on the way to his vacation lodge.

The results of a first analysis into the death of Michael Mosley reveal that the well-known BBC presenter, 67, who disappeared during a walk on the Greek island of Symi last week and was found dead five days later, died from causes natural.

Monday’s analysis, based on analysis of video surveillance footage and evidence collected, reinforced the growing consensus among Greek authorities that Mosley likely died of exhaustion, after making a mistake on the way back to his hotel and having climbed the rocky hills of the island. a landscape that had already been described by the president of the island as “difficult to cross”, being “only rocks”.

The coroner, Panayiotis Kotretsis, ruled out the hypothesis of crime, as there were no “injuries that could be associated with a criminal act,” he told Greek state broadcaster ERT, cited by The Guardian. He also called for new toxicological and histological tests to be performed in order to accurately determine the cause of death. The results should only be known within a few months.

Mosley’s body was found near a beach bar, about 15 km from St Nikolos Beach, where he had gone with his wife, Clare Bailey, and two friends the couple were visiting on the island. He had decided to return to his accommodation in the village of Pedi because he was tired and did not carry his mobile phone. He perhaps made a mistake on the way and sought refuge in the Agia Marina beach bar.

Well-known BBC presenter found dead on a Greek island where he was on holiday

Dimos Kotsidaras, police commander in Symi, said “the cause of death was heat exhaustion, after walking from St Nikolos to Agia Marina beach in high temperatures,” the Telegraph reported. The local temperature exceeded 37ºC, which caused a weather alert, with the heat being at least 10ºC higher in the rocky area that it crossed.

The presenter was found unharmed, lying on his back and with his left hand on his chest, suggesting that he tried to lift his leg, trying to avoid fainting, police sources revealed to the Telegraph. Police are also investigating video surveillance footage that appears to show Mosley disappearing from view as he runs down the hill near where he was found.

Clare Bailey, who had arrived on holiday with her husband the day before he disappeared, paid tribute to Mosley, a “wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband”. Mosely’s body is expected to return to the UK this week, accompanied by his wife and four children, who were reunited with his mother in Rhodes, the city where the body was transported and where it was held. the investigation.

Michael Mosely popularized the 5:2 and Fast 800 diets, which advocate intermittent fasting and low-carb meals. Diets that attracted a lot of attention, especially in the book “The Fast Diet”. He has presented several television programmes, including Trust Me, I’m a Doctor and BBC Radio 4’s Just One Thing podcast. He was a regular on BBC One’s The One Show and ITV’s This Morning, and was also a columnist for the Daily. Mail.

Source: Observadora

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