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Amber Heard’s ‘convenient details’, Johnny Depp’s ‘denial of responsibility’ and an (at least) awkward face-to-face

Amber Heard cringed, in what appears to have been a fear reaction, when Johnny Depp walked towards her, in the courtroom where the case opposing the former couple is being tried. These days, Amber Herad’s team exposes her version of her story and the actress is giving her testimony.

The episode took place this Thursday, when the actress left the place where she had been speaking, before a break at work. The two guards who were in the courtroom, positioned between them, quickly raised their hands to keep Depp from approaching. He headed in the opposite direction, stopped, and waited for Amber Heard to return to her seat in the courtroom.

The actress had just presented a long description of scenes of violence between them and recounted how her ex-husband assaulted her and threatened to kill her. During this part of her testimony, Heard wept compulsively as she described episodes of extreme violence that would have taken place. At the same time, she saw Depp writing on a notepad.

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp: the first testimonies of the actress

Following Amber Heard’s testimony on Thursday, both parties released statements. A rep for the actor told the magazine. people that “as Mr. Depp’s attorney correctly predicted in his opening arguments last month, Ms. Heard was, in fact, ‘acting out his life’ in his direct examination” and added that “while Ms. Heard continues to grow with new and convenient details, Mr. Depp has remained exactly the same during the six painful years since his first accusations were made. “Their truth of him, the truth, is the same no matter what setting they are presented in.” The statement also leaves the warning that “the next questioning of Mr. Depp will be very revealing and will certainly highlight the many fallacies that Ms. Heard has now tried to pass off as fact throughout her complex statement.”

For Amber Heard’s part, a representative told the magazine people: “As the newly released statement proves, Mr. Depp is falling apart so fast that his lawyer is transitioning from prosecutor to stalker.” He continues the intervention by saying that “they brag that Mr. Depp hasn’t changed his story. If so, given that you lost your UK domestic violence restraining order and defamation case, perhaps you should consider a new strategy instead of recycling the victim-attack approach and refusing to take responsibility for your own conduct”.

Violence, obscene messages and uncomfortable audio. How Johnny Depp and Amber Heard clashed in court

The ex-partner faces in court after Johnny Depp sued Heard for defamation after an opinion piece published in 2018 in the washington post. In it, the actress herself admits to having been a victim of domestic violence, although she never mentions the name of her ex-husband. In response, Depp accused her of libel and now she is asking for $50 million. Heard ultimately responded with a countercharge, demanding $100 million in damages.

Source: Observadora

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