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The Israeli Defense Minister began an official visit to the United States

Today, on Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz began his official visit to the United States by meeting with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan at the White House.

According to a statement made by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, at the beginning of the meeting, Gantz thanked the U.S. administration and U.S. President Joe, emphasizing the “distinguished relationship between the U.S. and Israel based on common values and common interest ”. Biden for their commitment to “security cooperation between relevant defense agencies”.

Gantz also discussed “Iran’s progress on its nuclear program in conjunction with debilitating activities in the region,” and stressed the need to work closely and prepare for any future scenario, within the framework of efficient defense cooperation between Israel and the United States, and growing relationships with partners in the region. ”

Gantz and Sullivan also “showed the latest wave of terror that claimed 20 lives. They discussed Israel’s ongoing operational activities in the face of incitement and terrorism. ”

Gantz stressed that “Israel will take the necessary steps to defend its citizens and sovereignty,” adding that Israel’s defense agency continues its policy of promoting confidence-building measures against Palestinian civilians not involved in any terrorist activities. ”

Source: RT

Source: Arabic RT

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