The University of Strasbourg in France has announced that it will close its doors for another two weeks this winter to save energy, in a move “criticized by trade unions”.

And the head of the Alsatian faculty explained in a video addressed to students posted on YouTube that “the third week of the Christmas holidays will be moved to early January, and the whole week of distance learning to February” when the start of the academic year begins.Tentatively scheduled for January 3 January 9, 2023, one week after the administrative closure, without providing any education.

The university, which had almost 57,000 students in 2020-2021, is experiencing a ‘explosion’ in its electricity bills, shifting its electricity, gas and grid heating costs from €10m in 2021 to €13m in 2022 . the adjustment provided an additional €1.5 million, with €20 million included in the interim budget for 2023.