The Arab League condemned “the assault on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli occupying forces and settlers and held the Israeli government responsible for fomenting tensions and fueling the situation with these escalatory actions.”

Jamal Rushdie, spokesman for the League Secretary General, said in a press statement that “the assault on the occupying forces and settlers in Al-Aqsa and the arrest of a number of Palestinians inside it is aimed at imposing a temporal and spatial separation in the mosque, which means changing the existing historical and legal situation”, indicatingHe pointed out that “this ongoing policy on the part of the occupying government constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and provokes the feelings of the Palestinians and Muslims in general.”.

Rushdie believed that the intensification of incursions ahead of the “Jewish holidays” was heating up the atmosphere and heightening the state of tension that already exists in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in Jerusalem..

He believed that imposing a siege on Al-Aqsa and arresting those inside it was an unacceptable crime and called on the international community to take responsibility and confront this dangerous Israeli escalation..