Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that “Russia is ready to supply gas to Europe via the untouched Nord Stream 2 branch,” noting that “we will supply oil to consumers who guarantee only the existing market pricing mechanisms.”

He considered that “the decision of OPEC + to reduce oil production is unprecedented and caused by the need to achieve a balance in the market,” explaining that “the price of oil at $ 70 per barrel is comfortable for Russia.”

He stressed that “the establishment of a price ceiling for Russian oil will harm the energy market, lead to shortages and increase prices, as it disrupts all market mechanisms and damages the global oil industry.”

The OPEC+ alliance has officially stated that it will “cut oil production by two million barrels per day starting in November, based on the agreed levels of August”, and also announced that “the current OPEC+ agreement is being extended until December 2023 instead of at the end of the year “. Current”.

The alliance said that “the problem we face today in the energy market is not speculators, and unfortunately no one in OPEC + can foresee the future of energy, and we do not know how the ceiling will be imposed on the price of Russian oil “. oil.”

It is noteworthy that Nord Stream AG earlier reported that a leak accident occurred on a gas pipeline in Danish waters, near the island of Bornholm, indicating the creation of a safe zone with a radius of five nautical miles.