The French Foreign Ministry announced that French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will visit Algeria next Sunday, accompanied by a large delegation of 16 ministers, explaining that “the two-day visit is intended to strengthen the ‘partnership’ established by French and Algerian Presidents Emmanuel Macron Abdelmajid. Tebbun, end of August.

And in her statement, she indicated that “Bourne will meet with Abdel Majid Tabun without giving further details.”

“The visit will be devoted mainly to youth and economic cooperation, while the most pressing issues around immigration and the formation of a joint committee of historians are still under discussion,” Agence France Presse quoted the agency as saying. As for the issue of increasing supplies of Algerian gas to France, according to the same source, it “is not on the agenda” of the visit.

The visit aims to “realize” the six axes of the “Algiers Declaration on a New Partnership” signed by the Presidents of France and Algeria on August 27 at the end of a three-day visit to Algiers.