North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his 70th birthday, noted that Putin has made “remarkable achievements in achieving the great strategic goal of building a strong Russia through your effective work, taking on great responsibility for the head of state.” Therefore, over the years, you have enjoyed great respect and support from the broad masses of the people.”

He pointed out, according to a North Korean news agency report, that Russia “reliably defends the dignity of the state and its fundamental interests against the challenges and threats that it faces from the United States of America and its subordinate forces,” which is unimaginable without “outstanding leadership and strong will.” Putin.

Kim Jong Un stressed, “I am very pleased with the fact that the mutual support and cooperation between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Russia has become stronger than ever, in the struggle to develop the traditional bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation to a higher level. stage according to the agreement reached at our meeting. The first is in Vladivostok in 2019, upholding regional peace and stability and seeking international justice.”

He expressed the hope that his personal relationship with Putin “will play a big role in strengthening and steadily developing friendship between the DPRK and Russia.”