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Violent clashes between protesters and police in Athens

In the context of the general strike, in the public and private sectors, around 25,000 people demonstrated in Athens leading to a clash with riot police who launched tear gas grenades.

Police and protesters were embroiled in violent clashes in the Greek capital on Thursday, on the sidelines of nationwide protests demanding accountability for the rail disaster that killed 57 people in February.

According to reporters from Agence France Presse (AFP), protesters threw Molotov cocktails (homemade firebombs) at policewhich responded by firing tear gas canisters into the Parliament area in central Athens.

Several garbage containers were set on fire in an avenue near the University of Athens and some shop windows of commercial establishments were destroyed.

Riot police also used tear gas grenades in the area of ​​the University of Athens, they found AFP reporters.

Some 40,000 people demonstrated this Thursday in Greece, 25,000 in Athens, according to the police, in the context of the general strike called by private sector and public sector unionseither

Specifically, road, maritime and rail transport are on a 24-hour strike this Thursday, which also affects air connections.

On February 28, at 11:21 p.m. (9:21 p.m. in Lisbon), a passenger train collided head-on with a freight train north of the city of Larisa, in the Tempe area, killing 57 people. , most students. University students.

Train accident in Greece. Stationmaster charged with negligent homicide. The sentence can reach life imprisonment

The prime minister has already recognized that this area of ​​the railway, in particular, was not equipped with the security systems that could have prevented the tragedy.

First, the chief executive blamed the station chief as the author of “a human error”, but then changed the statement to ask for “apologies and acknowledgment of political responsibilities”.

The public sector union (ADEDY) declared this Thursday, through a statement, that “the workers demand that everything be found out about the crime in Tempe”, the place where the train accident occurred.

He also calls for an end to “privatization policies”, which he points out as the main cause of the deterioration of the railway sector.

Source: Observadora

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