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European Parliament condemns the Italian government’s decision to prevent the registration of children of homosexual couples

After the municipality of Milan was prevented from registering the children of same-sex couples, the European Parliament condemned the decision, fearing it was an attack on the LGBTQIA+ community in Italy.

The European Parliament has condemned the decision of the ultra-conservative Italian government led by Giorgia Meloni to prevent the municipality of Milan from registering the children of homosexual couples.

The northern Italian city allowed, since July 2022, register children born abroadusing surrogacy or medically assisted procreation, as daughters of same-sex couples. However, on March 14, the mayor of the city, Giuseppe Sala, revealed that he had received an indication from the Ministry of the Interior to stop doing so, with the justification that it is up to the court to decide on the registration of minors.

The decision by the Italian far-right has raised concerns among members of the European Parliament who, quoted in The Guardian, fear that the measure “is part of a broader attack against the LGBTQI+ community in Italy” and call for its “immediate termination”.

Hundreds of people demonstrate in Milan against restrictions on the rights of gay parents

The MEPs also considered that the decision “will inevitably lead to discrimination not only of same-sex couples but, above all, of their children” and “constitutes a direct violation of children’s rights”.

In Italy, same-sex marriage was legalized in 2016, without allowing the right to adopt. Although the courts decide on the registration of children on a case-by-case basis, local authorities such as Milan have taken the initiative to act without resorting to justice.

The imposition of the Italian government on the municipality of Milan caused hundreds of people to take to the streets, on March 18, in a demonstration against the restriction of the rights of homosexual parents.

Since coming to power in October 2022, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has stepped up the discourse in defense of traditional family values. “Yes to natural families, no to the LGBT ‘lobby’!” she said before being elected Prime Minister.

Source: Observadora

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