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Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said that Russia is firmly against the legalization of “soft” drug trafficking and will continue to defend its position in international forums.

United Interior Minister Irina Volk reported that the Joint Council of Interior Ministries of the Russian Federation held a meeting in Moscow to discuss drugs with the participation of Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and his Belarusian counterpart Ivan Kubrako problem

During the meeting, Kolokoltsev explained that the legalization of “soft” drugs, which we see in some Western countries, increases drug consumption among the younger generation, and Russia categorically rejects this approach. and will continue to defend its position in all areas. international forums.”

Kolokoltsev added that criminal groups controlled by the Kiev authorities involved Russian citizens in the distribution of drugs, and that the Security Service of Ukraine even used polygraphs to control “its” drug dealer

Noting the danger posed to Russia’s national security by foreign intelligence services and national organizations, he noted that “many cases have been recorded in which criminal groups linked to Ukraine involve citizens in the distribution of drugs on the territory of Russia.”

Kolokoltev noted that Ukrainian law enforcement officials are directly involved in the organization of secret laboratories, and recruited drug dealers are checked for “credibility” using lie detectors.

Kolokoltsev stressed that despite all attempts by Ukraine and the West, the situation is under control.

Irina Volk, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, noted that as a result of the joint work of the ministries, an opportunity arose to promote members of large criminal enterprises that distribute synthetic drugs in territory of Russia through online stores.

Volk noted that almost 3,000 drug crimes were detected in the regions of Russia bordering Belarus, more than 1,000 people in his commission were identified, and almost 900 kilograms of illegal substances were seized.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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