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The Russian Embassy in Switzerland denied its threat to journalists and asked not to justify terrorism. Kiev: A NASA satellite crashes in Kiev and causes a massive explosion.. (videos) UAE helps Egypt return Egyptian Astronomical research army soldiers to Egypt Eid al-Fitr date announced RT reporter: Death of the former Sunni Divani A petition to the Saudi Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in the case of “scandalous act” against Chief Ronaldo, who was tried to be arrested by the Ministry of Interior. AFP: The death toll in the stampede in Yemen’s capital has risen to 79. Video showing the high number of dead and injured due to the stampede in Sana’a. 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International Astronomical Center: American satellite fell between the two Arab countries ( photo) Describes how almost the entire detachment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died Sudan Army : Evacuation of 177 technical crew of the Egyptian Air Force from Dongola Airport in Meroe A European country requests the help of Egypt in Sudan. Letter to Al-Burhan and Dagalo Video.. The presidential candidate in Turkey violated the taboo The decision to implement the expulsion decision after the “outside” action.. The Saudi Al Nasr Club responded to the RT correspondent: The arrival of a group of Egyptian soldiers in Sudan to Cairo airport. What is this? The secret of the bag that Putin carried in the Kherson region? (Video) Photos showing the location of two Egyptian fighters after the martyrdom of 3 fighters in Sudan Newspaper: Two countries following in Turkey’s footsteps “revolt” against the dollar Israeli officials are worried about the possibility of ending the normalization process With the Sudanese Candidate for the US presidency : Washington in Ukraine what have you forgotten? In the video, transgender underwear falls on the heads of lawmakers in a Florida state legislature. Egypt is investigating the first day of Eid al-Fitr. Mohamed Salah did this after finding his son “Jaafar Al-Omda”. Follow in the footsteps of the two Arab countries China and Japan and reduce their investment in US treasury bonds, including Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. How much did the largest individual owner earn in the Saudi stock market in 2022? Egypt.. The security issued a decision. Hacker who stole Quran content Radio Rogov: Ukraine plans to restart counterattack the day Hitler died.. Biden stammers and doesn’t know if he’s in Iraq or Iran! The truth about the resignation of Saudi President Al-Nasr! “500 pounds on behalf of al-Sisi.. Reveals the truth about the issuance of a new currency in Egypt. Washington has stopped flying strategic drones over the Black Sea. Newspaper for Macron, a prominent American: You should have stayed at home! “No one can stay here,” Zakharova explained why Western ambassadors were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Egyptian army has announced that it has evacuated part of its forces in Sudan. The Iraqi government issued an explanatory statement about the “special amnesty” for the prisoners. El-Sisi and Bin Zayed discuss the developments in Sudan ) Medvedev: What will the South Koreans say if shall we arm their neighbors? The Iranian Navy issued an ultimatum to an American submarine in the Strait of Hormuz. An American official is waiting for not the third, but two, endings to the crisis in Ukraine. Sports rules expert gives good news to Ronaldo! Saudi expert: Hilal Shawwal was born as an astronomer in pictures.. More than two and a half million worshipers witnessed the completion of the Qur’an in Masjid al-Haram Iraq.. Joint statement from the Ministry of Interior and Health Kambesh’ With his death, he destroyed the Rebellion within hours.” A new video taken after the transfer of Sudanese Rapid Support Forces to Khartoum with Egyptian soldiers, a “secret resource” under the sea whose value exceeds all expectations! Dozens of victims gathered during the distribution of aid to the needy in Sana’a (video) Dar Al-Iftaa Al-Masria invited Egyptians to log on to its Facebook site to see Lavrov’s important announcement: Washington declared a crusade against Lavrov Russia and Syria .. A girl died after being robbed on the street in Hasakah (video) Official… First legal petition against Cristiano Ronaldo for “scandalous act” in Riyadh derby Ortega: Hitler’s sons rule Ukraine. ..and Russia is fighting for peace against an “orchestra of terror” led by Washington Victims of the Ukrainian attack in the Belgorod region of Russia 30 dead Ukrainian Space Agency explains the cause of the explosion in the air of the region of Kiev Latest development of the Russian military operation in Ukraine in the evening echoes / 20/04/2023/ Putin: The tendency to multipolarity in the world will strengthen and stabilize Macron: I will not resign And we will wait until 2027 ( video) , 320 years after its first issue.. The oldest daily newspaper in the world stopped publication. Black Sea’ Gas discovered in the war began to be pumped. The arsenals of French and British nuclear weapons are de facto under the control of Washington Aboul Gheit appealed to the Sudanese army and Rapid Support for a ceasefire The Sudanese Egyptian arrested a Jordanian with millions At Beirut airport, said an RT expert of a golden opportunity for Ethiopia due to the events in Sudan and warns Egypt of a catastrophic institutional collapse that threatens the existence of the American people! First comment from the Egyptian army on videos of its soldiers in Sudan West is looking for a new president for Ukraine: They imply Zelensky in a new arena

The Russian Embassy in Switzerland denied any threats to journalists there and said it reminded them of laws in force in Switzerland and Russia that punish the legitimacy of terrorism.

In a statement to the “Novosti” agency, the press office of the Russian Embassy said, ​​”We would like to emphasize that the statement of the embassy does not contain any personal threat to the journalist A. Mensen. The Embassy reminded the journalists of the National Communication Center: they live in a state of law and with the ban on supporting terrorist activities must comply with the rules of the law.

In the embassy statement, it was added that first of all, the legal customs of Switzerland were referenced, and only conditional reference was made to the Russian law to show that the law of the Russian Federation and Switzerland are “almost the same” for the people who support terrorism.

Earlier on Thursday, the Swiss Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador to Bern, Sergey Garmonin, after the embassy’s statement about a Swiss journalist.

“The Swiss Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador in Bern today, after the embassy’s statement in the NZZ newspaper about a Swiss journalist,” the embassy said in a statement.

Earlier, a Swiss reporter of the German newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung published a statement on the website of the Russian Embassy in Switzerland, expressing his regret in an article called Mensen.

Source: Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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