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Recent developments and reflections on Russia’s military operation in Ukraine / 26.04.2023/ Lavrov, to the Israeli delegation that withdrew from the Security Council meeting: The Palestinian issue has been on the agenda for decades. USA: I can end the war with 25 nuclear bombs in 10 days. In Russia, the Sudanese army under the State Property Authority is discussing the “occupation of the embassy” and the state of emergency of an Arab country in Khartoum. The problem that prevents Erdogan from continuing his conversation with journalists (video) The killing of the member of the Iranian Leadership Council Ayatollah Abbas Ali Soleimani Will Arab countries meet Egypt’s demand for billions of dollars? Lavrov: Events in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem are increasing tensions in the region. British warns NATO against Russian “Armata” tanks in Ukraine. A former US intelligence officer described Putin in one sentence, Trump’s son Russia The Sudanese are provoking their country with destructive expressions.. What awaits the dollar in the future?.. In response to the confiscation of assets Russian property, Elon Musk responded.. What are the foreign properties that Putin has ordered taken? American activist: Biden is preparing for an Afghan scenario in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia finances a unique project in Egypt with millions of dollars Echoes in Ukraine and at night / 25.04.2023/ Security cameras watch the murder, Member of the Council of Leadership Experts in Iran The statement of the Minister of Industry of Iran Abbas Ali Soleimani that the trade between Iran and Saudi Arabia has started Lavrov: The Americans divided Sudan and we call on them not to interfere in affairs of Sudan. The body of a Kenyan flight attendant who quit his job and joined “McKinsey” was found on the anniversary of the failure of Operation “Eagle Claw”..Iran appeals to America: Learned from sources confirming that Omar al- Bashir is still held by the Sudanese army US lawmakers in preparation for a solution Ukrainian newspaper: West faced 8 dilemmas in Ukraine South African Republic Announces the Decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court Goodbye Africa! Second Arab massacre in Andalusia! How many years does it take an employee in your country to buy an apartment of 50 square meters?. Statistics from Arab and international capitals Saudi Arabia detained 70 Egyptian fishermen as a “Trojan horse” (photos) .. a genetically modified virus promises to treat terminally ill cancer patients Manchester Prigozhin in the United fortress: “Wagner” forces are working in Africa to fight terrorism and protect civilians. Is Ethiopia taking advantage of the situation in Sudan?Ethiopia is following developments at the Renaissance Dam using satellite images Zakharova: With this action, the US ambassador to the United Nations has done everything in his power to destroy his country. Navalny’s doctor accused him of sexual harassment on the eve of a nuclear incident. Erdogan intends to reach out to Putin. The Russian trade representative talks about Western pressure on Cairo and reveals the most successful areas of cooperation between Egypt and Russia, what causes health problems. Did it affect Erdogan? Lavrov: Washington and the European Union continue to avoid a solution to the Palestinian issue. Musk commented in two words in an article about the Ukrainian “counteroffensive”. Long life. Scientifically proven health benefits of drinking coffee An expert explains foods to help lower cholesterol and protect your heart! Publishing photo of Egyptian diplomat killed in Sudan Canada announces new immigration procedures for citizens of an Arab country Sudanese military confirms Omar al-Bashir is in hospital under judicial arrest custody He will announce when the tonsils should be removed. An earthquake occurred in Adana, Turkey, near the Syrian border. Alaa Mubarak responded to his request to run for the presidency with “words that cannot be said like that”. video) Victory resignations are expected .. and Ronaldo’s anger After the Cup disaster, a Ukrainian general admitted the mistakes made by Kiev forces in defending the Russian defense in Artyomovsk: shooting a Ukrainian “Su -25” in Kherson and 8 destructive during an offensive, disable the group. The day of footballers who entered the history of the 21st century through the door of Real Madrid! (Video) A strong fortress on wheels. Russia’s defense shows its surprise, “Baikal”. Kiev intelligence acknowledged the recent failed attack on Crimea. (Video) Foods that cause migraines End of government tests of newest and most powerful artillery system In Russia, world nations turn to Egypt over Sudan crisis International Monetary Fund pressures Egypt and Tunisia Attacked by Nikki Haley calls for Biden’s dismissal. The study shows how it can prevent the aging process in fewer days! Latest developments and effects of the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 25.04.2023/ Egypt, which announces some of its soldiers coming from Sudan, calls on the rest of its citizens there. Egyptian Army, “Daily Express”: Lavrov sent two warning signals to Washington , Who should avoid eating meat? A former US military official explains the reason for the West’s strong desire to control Crimea. The high level of Iranian-Syrian coordination regarding the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Syrian territory Zelinsky now has to decide on a petition arising from the presence of same-sex couples. in the Ukrainian military. The latest developments in the military operation in Syria and its rumors at night /26.04.2023/ The Turkish opposition wishes Erdogan a speedy recovery. A Russian diplomat accused foreign parties of fueling the situation in Sudan Lavrov: The West is preparing for a new round of world war Speech by the President of Brazil Shocking details in the Portuguese Parliament during the defense of Russia: 645 Ukrainian fighters killed and US military equipment destroyed in last 24 hours Ukraine’s “Azov” troops threaten to occupy Russian cities. put pressure on Moscow’s Sudanese army: “Many The Rapid Support Force surrendered themselves and their weapons Shangriha: The modern war is completely different from its predecessors. Zakharova compared the USA to an old war. Crocodile from a famous cartoon. Details of the loss of a yacht with 3 Russians and two Egyptians off the coast of Yemen after the Moroccan national team. This dream haunts Walid al-Rakraki

Russia’s special military operation continues in Ukraine, where the Russian army maintains full control over the liberated areas. The latest developments in the field and political events and their reflections are below.

  • The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the rescue of 40 Russian soldiers from Ukrainian families
  • Minister of Security and Defense of Ukraine: withdrawal from Artyomovsk will lead to the collapse of the front
  • Security in Moscow has disabled fake call centers working for Ukrainian forces
  • Moscow commented on the phone call between Xi and Zelensky
  • Ukrainian “Azov” troops threatened to occupy Russian cities to put pressure on Moscow
  • The Washington Post: The US ban on supplying weapons to the “Azov” battalion is not working
  • A phone call between Xi Jinping and Zelensky and both announced the upcoming move
  • Russian Defense: shoot down a Ukrainian “Su-25” in Kherson and neutralize 8 destructive groups in one day
  • An American newspaper: “Ukraine will remove air defense after a month”
  • Russian Federal Security: Prevents terrorist attack on a military hospital in Simferopol
  • Zakharova: The US State Department’s lies are stupid and costly
  • Zelenskiy must now rule on a petition that arose over the presence of same-sex couples in the Ukrainian military.
  • Russian trade representative talks about Western pressures on Cairo and highlights the most successful areas of cooperation between Egypt and Russia
  • The Kremlin recalled the consequences of using the uranium bomb in Yugoslavia
  • A Norwegian channel accused the Russian consul in Svalbard of collaborating with Russian intelligence
  • Bloomberg: Europe fails in attempt to hit Russia
  • Source: Russian forces prevented an attempt to return Ukrainian troops to the Mariinka area
  • The mass industrial production of the spectacular “Hunter” march will begin in Siberia
  • Daily Express: Lavrov sends two warning signals to Washington
  • How is the Russian “Armata” tank superior to Western tanks?
  • Ukrainian military official: The situation in Artyomovsk is difficult
  • A military expert explains the reasons for the desperate resistance of Ukrainian armed formations in Artyomovsk
  • Official: Ukraine’s attacks around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant are an act of international terrorism
  • Source: Kiev instructs its regions to take steps to discredit Russia
  • Ghosts of Vietnam haunt Biden in Ukraine
  • Source: Removal of 15 Ukrainian saboteurs, 3 boats and a warehouse by Ukrainian forces in the direction of Kherson
  • German magazine: Sanctions have not disrupted Russian civil aviation
  • Governor of Crimea: The attitude of the Chinese Ambassador to France is fair
  • End of government testing of Russia’s newest and most powerful artillery system
  • A strong fortress on wheels.. Russia’s defense reveals its “Baikal” surprise
  • The governor of Florida has called for a ceasefire in Ukraine

Source: Arabic RT

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