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PSP and the Spanish Civil Guard sign an agreement on the control of arms and explosives

Portugal and Spain sign an agreement through the competent authorities during a coordination meeting for the Iberian control of arms and explosives.

Portugal and Spain intend to create a network of cross-border contacts on weapons and explosives between the PSP and the Civil Guard, as announced by the Portuguese police on Friday.

This and other decisions were made during a coordination meeting between the Public Security Police (PSP) and the Spanish Civil Guard on coordination for the Iberian control of arms and explosivesthat took place in Viana do Castelo on May 18 and 19, but they have just been announced.

This meeting, within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between the PSP and the Civil Guard signed in 2019, also resulted in an understanding on “strengthening operational cooperation through the share information and carry out joint operations with the objective, in particular, of detecting the irregular transfer of arms, ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnic articles between the two countries”, according to a PSP note sent to the Lusa news agency.

Among the agreed lines of action is the increase in cooperation in the field of training through the integration of Civil Guard and PSP interns in the respective specific training courses in weapons and explosives and deepening collaboration and articulation of national and international training proposals. European regulations on weapons, explosives and fireworks.

It was also agreed to maintain collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and training between the National Arms and Ammunition Test Banks.

According to the PSP, “this initiative sought to strengthen the articulation, collaboration and proximity between the Iberian services with national, exclusive and specific attributions of licensing, control and inspection of the manufacture, storage, commercialization, use and transport of arms, ammunition, explosive products , hazardous materials and explosives precursors”.

Source: Observadora

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