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Trump says it was his decision to try to reverse his 2020 election loss

Trump says he heard from “many” who “said the election was rigged.” However, he explained that the final decision to challenge the 2020 election loss against Biden was his.

Former US President Donald Trump says it was his decision to try to overturn his 2020 election loss against Joe Biden and promote the narrative that he had won. “It was my decision, but I listened to some people”he stated, in an interview with the NBC News program “Meet da Press.”

Trump, who was charged with conspiracy to illegally overturn his election loss three years ago, has pleaded not guilty to all charges and denied any wrongdoing. In the interview broadcast this Sunday, he revealed that White House lawyers informed him that he had lost the election and that there was no evidence of fraud, but he did not listen to them “because he did not respect them.”

Donald Trump accused of conspiracy to reverse Georgia defeat in 2020 election

Thus, Trump said that there were lawyers outside the White House who helped him challenge the election and compile false voter lists to alter the electoral vote count in Congress. “They [os advogados da Casa Branca] They end up being RINOs (Republicans in name only) or they end up not being so good. But he respected others. I respected many others who said the election was rigged.”he stated.

CNN recalls that one of the most important premises of one of the accusations made against Trump is precisely that his close advisors had informed him that he had lost the election, but that he spread the opposite narrative to make it appear legitimate, on the service. of an alleged criminal association.

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