Yesterday at “Art Lab Gallery” (Gemmaize) the first personal exhibition of Gosha Bechlyan ended. Pin Bunny is the seventh of ten exhibitions within CATAPULT.visual›arts gallery projects. Open shots or scenes involving real or imaginary characters, where the artist reflects the states of tension, isolation, confusion and fear in the bodies and movements of the human soul in this age full of paradoxes. The artist proceeds from the idea of ​​weakness accompanying the human path, to motivate and deepen the artistic renewal, to unearth in human figures a mixture of the imaginary, the life, the must, the tangible and the intangible. To penetrate these layers of vulnerability and accumulation, he uses stories of love, loss, and regret to reveal their symbolism.

from the exhibition

Thus, the artist put a series of engravings in which he combines the views of the West and the East, real and imaginary, concrete and uncertain in his possibilities and visions. Gosha Bechlyan limited it to the basic fossil style of graphic art. His black-and-white prints (woodcut and Elenium prints) present a tense atmosphere of ambiguity and abstraction. It opens up a world of black and white and gray in between. Paintings depicting the tension of suffering, with a sense of elemental quality and its inspiring power.
The business structure is schematic, more descriptive. This technical psychological definition departs from the black and white interpretation of tragedy and tragedy. It is an expressive tool, nothing more, nothing less, and it can radiate joy or tragedy because it is based on the artist’s vision. As for black and white or color images, these are drawing tools only. The plastic artist strives to paint realistic pictures; He kind of resorts to emphasizing the aesthetic features and inserting details to show the thoughts and feelings that circulate inside him, while his characters are inspired by reality and fiction to paint them in aesthetically, with specific details. As if he enjoys manipulating and dealing with the details of the characters, mixing a realistic image with the imaginary ideas of his mind, entering into a game of combining colors with an aesthetic that emphasizes a new style, reflecting new dimensions and details of the image. .
These sketches, often made with pencil, charcoal, drill, or any other material that can be easily manipulated by removing or adding, became prominent in the plastic arts because his paintings drew sketches such as Norwegian painter Edvard. Munch and his painting The Scream and Picasso’s sketches, including Rembrandt’s cubist Guernica, who drew black and white outlines for many of his paintings. We hardly see the path of any of the pioneers of the plastic arts without finding some sketch of their works. We may be surprised by the lack of local art galleries interested in holding a comprehensive exhibition of drawings or sketches. These drawings are a qualitative addition to exhibitions in the field of plastic, and their importance in visual art is no less than other methods or trends in terms of content and artistic language.
Gosha Bechlyan lives in Beirut (born in 1991 in Yerevan). He studied graphic design at the University of Notre Dame and later studied classical art at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. Finally, he received a printing scholarship from the Beirut Printing Studio.