Last Friday, American streaming company Netflix sued the producers of an unauthorized musical adaptation of its hit series Bridgeton for copyright infringement after views of their copy increased on TikTok.

Netflix filed a complaint against Abigail Barlow and Emily Beer in Washington federal court three days after tickets for the unofficial Bridgerton musical went on sale at the city’s Kennedy Center. According to Reuters, the defendants’ lawyer did not comment and the complaint has not yet been considered.
It comes after Bridgeton, based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novel, reached 82 million viewers in its first four weeks on Netflix, a record at the time. The second season of the series was created and inspired by a series of shows presented in six cities called “The Queen’s Ball”.
And Netflix reported that after Bridgerton first aired in December 2020, the defendants began posting about the series on Tik Tok, reaching 2.4 million followers, including writing songs based on the characters, scenes, dialogue. and plot. .
The company said they repeatedly warned the defendants to stop, but they released a Grammy-winning album called The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical and their own stage show.
The lawsuit seeks an end to the alleged violations as well as unspecified damages.