Last Saturday night, the Carthage International Festival extended the date for the performance of Lebanese artist Rageb Alama, whose departure from the theater in the mid-1980s was a turning point in his career. Many attended the Superstar party, who sang for two hours after the tickets sold out ten days before the scheduled date.

The beginning was with his new Egyptian song “Istimar 6” (from the words of Nader Abdullah and composed by Mahmoud Khayami), before he performed from old and new: “Old Layalina”, “My name is your lover”, “My heart is in love with him”, “Forget the world for me”, “Oh. Gayeb, Almighty”, “Oh my life”, “I didn’t sleep at night”, “I’m in love, oh Leil” and “Who sold us, lost our sweetness”, which he accompanied with a song from the audience.
Alama said that what he brings together in Tunisia and its viewers is “a love story that will never end.” He also expressed his desire to shoot a video clip in one of the beautiful regions of Tunisia with a Tunisian director. He also expressed his hope to complete an art project with Saber Al-Rubai.
Saturday night can be considered an exception to the nights of the Arab stars in “Carthage” after a long absence. In the eighties and early nineties, the “Carthage Festival” brought together Arab stars in extraordinary nights, and the night of Rageb Alama became the date for the continuation of this kind of party. It also showed the public’s thirst for joy two years after the Covid-19 epidemic.