Earlier, Lebanese and Egyptian production companies began drawing the map of Ramadan 2023. This competition still maintains its brilliance, attracting the largest number of viewers through various dramatic project, from romance to action. For example, Eagle Films recently announced the presentation of the third season of the series “Hanggang Kamatayan” (scripted by Nadine Jaber and directed by Philip Asmar), starring Daniela Rahma, Megai Bogson and Basem Mughnie. On the other hand, Sabah Brothers has made a tentative plan for their drama map in the upcoming fasting month, which will be dominated by collaborative Lebanese and Syrian series with a special space for Egyptian series.

In this context, the Egyptian Ramadan drama race is witnessing many projects that herald a wonderful season as the makers of Al-Madda (created by Skermo Media for the production and distribution of art) are set to present its third episode in 2023, after two consecutive seasons. will be shown in Ramadan 2021 and 2020. Egyptian singer and actor Hamada Helal stars in the work with a group of Egyptian stars.
The events of the first part of “Al-Madda” revolve around the story of Saber (Hamad Hilal), a boy adopted and raised by the imam of the mosque (Ahmed Badir), who falls in love with a woman (Nisrin Tafesh) to choose another. path and use his calls for evil purposes. And the events of the second part culminate in a series of strange dreams that haunt Saber Al-Madah.