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A “record” fall of the Lebanese pound against the dollar and a sensation on media sites

The Lebanese pound continued to fall against the dollar on the parallel black market, following the release of the results of the parliamentary elections, as it broke the record it had previously set.

Today, Tuesday, Lebanon witnessed a record increase in the parallel market dollar exchange rate, as the value of the Lebanese pound fell against the parallel market dollar in a “standard” way, according to the sites. web and mobile phones. applications to track the black market price, the price of a dollar is from 34,000 to 34,100 Lebanese pounds.

Many of the pioneers of social networking sites in Lebanon have expressed their outrage, blaming the authorities, as one of them said: “The imminent lack of necessities of life is causing those in power in Lebanon today to faced with an imminent right. “There seems to be too short a time for the factions of saltpeter authority, death and corruption to seek quotas. Another said: “The corrupt system is destined to starve people because people see that they want to free themselves from it. The best solution to regain control over people is starvation. The dollar is flying and everything is going up in price. The first solution to not go hungry is to raise the minimum wage, especially in the public and emergency sectors, or to turn pensions into dollars. from the private sector side.

Last January, the dollar exchange rate reached a maximum of 33,500 Lebanese pounds to the dollar, while the official exchange rate for the Lebanese pound has been fixed since 1997 at 1,507 pounds to the dollar.

The value of the national currency market has dropped by more than 95% in the two years following the Lebanese economic crisis, which the World Bank has described as one of the 10 worst crises in the world since the mid-19th century.

Source: RT

Source: Arabic RT

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