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The Italian government has shortened the heating season and lowered the permissible temperature inside buildings

The Italian government issued a decree to reduce the consumption of natural gas in the winter, reduce the heating season by 15 days, and reduce the air temperature in residential buildings by one degree.

The document, signed by Italian Minister of Ecological Transformation Roberto Cingolani, divides the whole country into six geographical regions, each of which has its own heating period.

For example, Rome, which is in zone D, will receive heating for 11 hours a day from November 8 to April 7, and the shortest heating period will be provided for zone A, which includes the island of Lampedusa and the southern regions. Sicily, while there are no restrictions in the northern zone “F”.

The start of the heating season in Italy is to be delayed by eight days and end by a week. In order to save resources, the heating time will be reduced by an hour a day, and the temperature in residential buildings will be reduced to 19 degrees, and in industrial buildings to 17 degrees.

Source: El Iktisad

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