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SO2023. The sole deputy of Livre will abstain in the global final vote

Livre will maintain the abstention in the global final vote of the State Budgets for 2023 (OE2023), noting that it managed to see 25 approved.concrete measures” with “real impact”, such as the creation of a national rail pass.

This decision, which maintains the position of the party in general, was approved by the Free Assembly —the highest instance between congresses— meeting on Thursday night. with 78% of the votesaccording to information delivered by the party to Lusa.

The note states that Livre “defends a budget strategy anchored in economic and fiscal options that they address the social and environmental emergency as priorities, as well as the guarantee of quality public services” and that this budget “does not adequately respond to these demands, so a favorable vote by Livre would never be possible”.

“However, in view of the important achievements made in the approval of concrete measures with a budgetary impact, but above all with a real impact on the lives of many people, the vote for Livre will be the abstention in the final global vote on the State Budget for 2023”, he maintains.

The party represented by Rui Tavares in the Assembly of the Republic claims to have adopted a “constructive position of dialogue and negotiation”, but regrets that the Government, “by your choice“, you are not done with the golden visas in this budget.

“For Livre, this would be the time to demonstrate greater social responsibility and avoid an overly restrictive budget strategy, anticipating the possibility of a recession and the adoption of countercyclical policiespromoting the welfare state, combating climate change and mitigating the environmental crisis, promoting and protecting the local economy”, they argue.

However, in the specialty, Livre managed to get 25 modification proposals approved, including a National Rail Pass, “to alleviate the burden on families, in mobility and transport, valid for regional trains with a maximum value of 49 euros per train”. , a measure that will mean an impact of around 40 million euros in the OE2023”.

“A study was also approved to extend the subscription to urban, interregional and interurban services, as well as the general revision of the tariff for rail services,” they point out.

Other measures that managed to see the green light from the socialist majority were the increase in the family allowance for single parents in 2023 and 2024, or the reinforcement of the 3C Program (Home, Comfort and Climate), “with the allocation of at least 140 million ‘Repower EU’ [o pacote energético europeu]with advance payment and coverage of the costs of housing interventions for people in lower income categories and with the study of a 10% tax credit”.

Livre was also able to see the approval of a proposal that increases the annual income limit of the self-employed exempt from VAT from the current 12,500 euros to 13,500 euros.

“The threshold is thus established at 13,500 euros already in 2023 -an increase of 8% compared to the current value-, going to 14,500 euros in 2024 and 15,000 euros in 2025”, he emphasizes in the text.

Training in Human Rights for public service functions; the transfer of five million euros to the Cultural Heritage Safeguard Fund, after the Government announced the extinction of the Heritage Lottery; the increase in the global endowment of the “solidarity invoice” to three million euros next year; and the creation of a White Paper on sex work and prostitution, were other approved measures highlighted by the party.

On this day, the parliament closes the discussion of the State Budget for 2023, which has the approval guaranteed by the absolute majority of the PS.

Source: Observadora

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