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Around 100 nurses from the private sector demanded dignity at work in Lisbon

A hundred nurses from the private sector met this Thursday at the CUF Descobertas Hospital, in Lisbon, to demand, among other measures, a 10% salary increase for all professionals.

Nurses from 75 private health units in the country are on strike this Thursday, the first that these professionals carry out to demand the improvement of working conditions.

Private sector nurses on strike this Thursday for better working conditions

“We want to fight for the dignity of nursing. Right now, we don’t feel worthy. We don’t get a raise and we work longer hours than in public. They don’t pay us “quality” hours, she told nurse Fatima Marras, referring to the so-called painful hours they work, especially at night.

According to the health professional who was present at the meeting, Whether you work one night a month or 30 nights, you earn the same.

“It’s not fair. It’s not fair. If I do it on Christmas night, I earn zero when the country is at home,” he complained, defending appreciation for the profession.

Scheduled for morning and afternoon shifts, this will be the first strike of the nearly 4,200 nurses who work in the 75 health units covered by the Associação Portuguesa de Hospitalização (APHP).

The nurses of these private units demand the implementation of the 35-hour week and the regulation of the working daya monthly salary increase for those who work in shifts and the payment of the prevention regime.

In addition, they demand an increase in compensation for the so-called “painful hours” worked at night, weekends and holidays, as well as a salary increase of 10% and subsidy meals for all nurses and 25 working days of vacation per year.

Source: Observadora

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