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From bare feet to kings of every step

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Perhaps because the feet are located at the opposite end of the head, the second rarely spends time thinking about the first, and when it does, it is done haughtily, which contributes to the fact that the feet are generally seen as a less noble part of the body (foot fetishists are among the few who differ from this perspective). This subordination of the feet helps to explain why, despite the appreciable progress made in other domains of human existence, we insist on imprisoning the feet in those almost always unhealthy, uncomfortable and ineffective structures such as shoes.

Shoes are chosen by the head without consulting the feet, ignoring basic anatomical and physiological imperatives and attending almost exclusively to fashion criteria so ingrained that we don’t even realize how arbitrary and absurd they are. Fashion is almost always a bad adviser, but it allows manufacturers to make their fortunes, whether in the mass market or in the most refined and elitist creations, in an endless stream of new models that reduce older models to obsolescence, albeit rare. time provide objectivity. improvements In English, the expression “Sensible Shoes” is used to designate shoes that are practical, comfortable, resistant and appropriate to the circumstances, as opposed to shoes that favor appearances and follow the dictates of fashion, but the truth is that the The adjective “sensible” (meaning “sensible, reasonable” and, in this context, “practical, functional” – not “sensible”, as it is sometimes awkwardly translated) does not apply to most shoes.

Before addressing the names and history of the best-known footwear brands, a “preamble” (from the Latin “praeambulus”, from “prae” = before + “ambulare” = to walk) is necessary on the evolution of footwear throughout weather. as part of the characteristics of the devices we use today result, not from discoveries in ergonomic science, but from debatable choices and silly fashions, which are so old and entrenched that we do not perceive them as such and do not cross our minds to question them.

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