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PSD demands Costa to “enlighten” the country on the Galamba case and SIS intervention: “He has to show that he still has the capacity to govern”

António Costa has to “illuminate” the country and show that he is still in charge of the Government. The challenge is launched by the PSD, which reacted this Saturday to the latest news about TAP and the ministry of João Galamba. If the prime minister does not act and “asserts his authority”, the functioning of the institutions may be at stake, warn the Social Democrats.

In statements made at the PSD headquarters, the parliamentary leader, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, accused Costa of “hiding for almost a month” behind the errors and serious cases that affect his government, while he says he is waiting for the conclusions. of the Commission of Consultation to TAP. And that “is not acceptable”: “Costa is the head of the Government and he has to show that he still has political authority, internal cohesion in the Government and the ability to govern,” says Miranda Sarmento.

Omissions, doubts and contradictions. Galamba under fire in TAP investigation

Considering that the latest events are “extremely serious”, Miranda Sarmento demanded clarification on two specific points: on the one hand, the news that the Security Information Service (SIS) was called to recover the computer with classified information that the former deputy João Galamba, Frederico Pinheiro, took home, in a tumultuous process in which he was accused of attacking elements of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

“Costa has to explain if it was actually the SIS, which is under his direct supervision, who recovered the computer. It is not understood that the services were called to recover the computer when the PSP is used in a normal robbery. (…) What secrets does this computer have that compromises the Government?” questioned the Social Democrat.

Government called SIS to recover the computer of the former deputy from Galamba

On the other hand, Miranda Sarmento sided with the former deputy’s version (opposed to Galamba’s) and said that, according to the latest messages he released, it is “clear” that Frederico Pinheiro wanted to show the notes he took in the controversial meeting. that he united the Government, PS and the former general director of TAP and that João Galamba did not want to leave him, preferring to “lie” to the Parliamentary Commission of Investigation on TAP.

“There is a WhatsApp message in which the former adviser categorically says that he wanted to deliver the tickets, that it was the minister who prevented him from doing so. [Galamba] They caught him trying to lie”, summarized Miranda Sarmento.

Frederico Pinheiro reveals a conversation in which he tells Galamba that he already told him about notes about a secret meeting

For the parliamentary leader of the PSD, the Government is now trying to “find senseless excuses” for “very serious situations”, of a dimension that “any Portuguese with memory of the last 40 years” does not remember. Thus, it is up to Costa to give “total clarification” so that the country does not reach a “very difficult moment.” It is true that the minister’s authority is “diminished” – but his continuity in the Government depends, for the PSD, on Costa’s ability to “give explanations” and “enforce his authority.”

Despite the “enormous mess” and the “Government caught not telling the truth”, the PSD has not “considered” nor does it debate the presentation of a motion of censure, although it also says that it should not “exclude” resorting to that instrument if it believes what it is justified. “The PSD is always prepared to govern,” Miranda Sarmento guaranteed. But, for now, “the country needs the prime minister to give all the clarifications.”

Source: Observadora

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