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Is being a candidate for Efacec a favor? “No. It is a strategic commercial interest of Visabeira” who fears for the company. “It’s connected to the machines”

Visabeira is, in consortium with the Portuguese company Sodecia, a candidate for the privatization of Efacec. The two companies came together in this second sale attempt launched by the State at the end of last year and already this year made a binding offer, which is being analyzed by Parpública, which will propose to the Government that the operation progress.

The choice of a better positioned candidate will already have been made by Parpública and, according to Expresso, the report of the public company with the evaluation of the four hierarchical proposals and with the indication of the first classified will already be on the table of the members of the Government . But it was not this Thursday that the process was approved by the Council of Ministers, since it does not appear in the statement with the result of the meeting of ministers.

There are four candidates on the final list: three funds —Oxy Capital, Mutares and Oaktree— and the Visabeira/Sodecia consortium.

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Source: Observadora

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