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Fact review. Does the color coding at the bottom of the cartons indicate that the milk inside has already been recycled?

A social media post alleges that the Color code present at the bottom of certain packages indicates that the the inner product has been recycled. EITHER mail in question is accompanied by a video, in which a woman shows milk containers of the Nestlé and Betânia brands, some with the aforementioned code, others without it. The woman explains that these colored squares reveal that the the product in the package, in this case milk, is reprocessedthat is, “it passed its expiration date” and, as a consequence, “the market returned [o leite] to the factory, the factory reprocessed it, put a chemical product” and, at the end of the process, the “returned to market” milk.

In the recording, the woman also warns about the need to always look at the aforementioned color code before purchasing a product, since they are “reprocessed” products and, therefore, the the ideal is to choose products “without the squares colourful” at the bottom of the package. He also suggests that the general ignorance about this alleged fact may be related to the increase in cases of lactose intolerance, revealing that “many people get sick” for not knowing this information.

The milk cartons shown in this video were produced by the Swedish Tetra Pak. Contacted by the Observer, the company states that “they are false” the information that “indicates that the colored bars are a sign that the milk is expired or spoiled”. Tetra Pak reveals that the codes in question relate to “print testsmade to ensure the perfect quality of the labels”.

In a response sent to the Observer, the company guarantees that it still has “how to food safety priority”, stressing that “all stages”, from the development and printing of the packaging, to the processing of food at the product manufacturer, “purpose of protecting foodpeople and planets”, thus fulfilling “Tetra Pak’s vision of making safe food available anywhere in the world”.

TO Tetra Pak Brazil has already deniedAlso, this information in 2018, in a video shared on Facebook and in a post on the official page where it clarifies that the color code corresponds to a test “made for the print quality control in containers”. The company also reinforces that the the containers “are not reused, respecting the legislation in force for the packaging of food and beverages”.

The information has already been denied by other fact checkers international sources such as Reuters.


It is false that the color code at the bottom of the containers of products such as milk reveals that the content inside has already been recycled. Tetra Pak, which produces the packages shown in the video, explains that the colored symbols are just a test of the quality of their printing. The post under review was already denied by the company in 2018.

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Source: Observadora

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