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Maher: Government has stance on House of Justice protest: ‘Unlawful’

On HBO’s “Real Time” show on Friday, host Bill Maher criticized the Biden White House for its handling of Supreme Court justices’ protests outside their private homes, saying there was an official government position in those protests: “This is not true.” Intimidation is to give. This is against the law.”

Mahir said:[C]of course press [Secretary] The White House disagrees. Jen Psaki, when asked about this, of people demonstrating near the homes of Supreme Court justices, said: “I don’t have an official position in the US government where people protest.” But we do. This is not true. This is intimidation. This is against the law.”

After playing back some footage of the protests, Maher said, “You see, it’s not very violent, frankly. But do you want to get out of your house?”

Source: Breitbart

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