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Maher: ‘not Democrats now’ on ‘safe, legal and rare’ abortion

On HBO’s “Real Time” show on Friday, host Bill Maher said that Democrats were moving away from their previous positions on “safe, legal and rare” abortion and that “no one should be pro-abortion”.

Maher argues that because of the polarization on this issue, there will be a division between states as before the Civil War and “where you are a free woman” etc. Dred Scott situation.”

He added that there is no bipartisanship on this issue and there are no democrats there either. Back then, during the Clinton era, his testimony was safe, legal, and rare. And I think at that time the Democrats were allied with the majority of Americans. I think most Americans want it: safe, legal, and rare. This is not where the Democrats are today. They don’t say that anymore. really to them group meeting In that regard, the House of Representatives said this week that we no longer want to call it an “election.” Because something, something racism, [it’s] “Decision” now. They even talk about the use of “pro-abortion”. “No one should approach abortion,” she said.

Source: Breitbart

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