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King Woman whitewashes African tribal slave trade, hits blockbuster despite calls for boycott

Call it an awakened civil war: Viola Davis’ star car female king The film broke the North American box office record in its first weekend, despite online activists calling for a boycott over the clear whitewash of an African tribe’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.

Awarded by critics female king The film, which received a 94 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, was acclaimed for its “fresh female point of view” and the message of “women with the power to own their own bodies” at the time, and grossed $19 million, was released at number one at the weekend box office and received A+ CinemaScore from the audience.

However, Woke social media users harshly criticized the film for highlighting the fact that the Dahomey tribe it glorified had a dubious history of selling slaves to Europeans and supported the hashtag #BoycottWomanKing. Even the ultra-left Slate had to summon the creators.

“There are ferocious female warriors in Dahomey. Ana Lucia Araujo said it clearly in her review of the movie.

Smithsonian magazine He also acknowledged that “kingdom’s involvement in the slave trade does not quite fit the historical record.”

“As historian Robin Low has noted, Dahomey became a major player in West African trade between the 1680s and the early 1700s, selling its captives to European traders whose presence and demand were revived in the industry, and hence the monumental scale of the Dahomey War.” Meylan Solly wrote Smithsonian Institution.

“While most of the people Dahomey brought were enslaved abroad, many remained in the kingdom where they served on the lands, in the army, or in the palace.”

Solly also mentions that in 1852 the British government forced King Gezo of Dahomey (portrayed in John Boyega’s film) to end his involvement in the slave trade.

“Although Ghezo explored palm oil production as an alternative source of income, it proved less profitable and the king soon resumed Dahomey’s involvement in the slave trade,” he said.

Waking up to the usual content isn’t enough, and Twitter trolls are brutal.

“Dahomey warriors weren’t just slave traders. They took away all the healthy young people, killed the old and disabled, and burned everything that was left of the village. #GENOCIDEa user’s complaint.

“Let’s be honest. It’s a movie about an African tribe known for selling slaves to Europeans, turned into a story of female empowerment by two white female writers. You don’t have to be “vigilant” to see the problem here,” said another.

“I won’t tell you #BoycottWomanKing but I suggest you study the Dahomean tribe. If you decide to watch it later, so be it. But deliberately ignoring the devastation wrought by their involvement in the slave trade is not the sort of gimmick Hollywood thinks,” another exclaimed.

Source: Breitbart

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