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Steve Bannon on ‘My Son the Hunter’: ‘This will be the second part of the Biden charge’

Steve Bannon, former Trump White House chief strategist and host of the popular War Room podcast, praised the new film. the hunter is my son Because of his cover-up of the Biden family’s corruption scandals, Bannon believes he will be the centerpiece of an impeachment lawsuit against President Joe Biden if Republicans regain control of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

“Absolutely a great movie. This movie is worth watching for everyone. [because]Look, this will be the second article to have Biden sacked,” Bannon said in an interview Friday on the War Room podcast. the hunter is my son The star who plays Hunter Biden in the movie is Lawrence Fox.

Bannon tells how the hunter is my son If Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives in November, as many expected, it will help build momentum for Biden’s impeachment.

“This movie will get more views and screenings when we come to the hearings. Because remember: the second item of the charge is about a financial settlement with the Chinese Communist Party,” he said, referring to the Biden family’s shady business dealings in China. So this thing is inside.

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The War Room host was praised by the former chairman of Breitbart News and a successful documentary filmmaker the hunter is my son director Robert Davi named iconic actor (nipples, License to Kill, diligent) is an “underused” “national treasure”.

“Let’s put it this way: you’re going to watch it multiple times,” Bannon said of the movie, which is now available to stream and download. “It’s beautiful and fascinating. And that’s because it’s not exactly linear and not exactly color-by-number. And that’s why I think it’s very deep.”

“It’s incredibly interesting, but it contains deep lessons and a lot of information,” he added.

the hunter is my son He dramatized some of the actual foreign trade deals, including a $5 million deal with his Chinese business partner, Patrick Ho, whom Hunter Biden called “China’s goddamn spy chief” in a note on his laptop.

Hunter also signed a $1.5 billion deal with a Bank of China subsidiary just 12 days after visiting China with his father, who was vice president at the time. He also worked for a company in the Chinese military.

These and other real-life corruption scandals are featured in an extensive series of Breitbart articles highlighting the truth behind the film.


SAUL LOEB/AFP/mysonhunter.com via Getty Images/Hunter Biden’s laptop

Although the movie was staged, the hunter is my son Based on credible open source corruption reports from the Biden family. Screenwriter Brian Godwa emphasized this fact in an interview with The New York Times. UK Daily Mail.

“For the characters Hunter and Joe, I used dialogue from actual events reported in the media or from documents, transcripts or emails, many of which were actually excerpts,” Godava says. “And most of it was taken from Hunter’s actual emails on his laptop. I took Hunter’s eulogy to his brother Bo for his own explanation of his relationship in the movie.”

According to Breitbart’s report, investigative writer Peter Schweitzer, whose best-selling book is the first to report corruption in the Biden family, also confirmed the authenticity of the film and the damned corruption indictment in the Biden family:

During a panel discussion about the film at Truth Social, Schweitzer said: the hunter is my son The “short version” of his 300-page bestselling book on corruption in the Biden family.

“I think people will see information taken from the pages of my book and brought to life in this movie,” Schweitzer says.

In fact, Schweitzer said that the truth about Hunter Biden’s corruption seemed very daring.

“In a way, it’s an incredible story,” Schweitzer said. “I mean, imagine you’re a screenwriter and you go to the producers in Los Angeles and say, ‘Hey, I have an idea for a movie. This [about] son of the vice president. It will take tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese. He will become addicted to cocaine. Then he leaves his laptop at the repair shop. And this thing is happening [be made public]but the mainstream media will try to cover it up.” I mean, the producers had you laughing out of the room. However, that’s exactly what happened.

In a recent interview with CBS 60 minutesPresident Biden brushed aside all concerns about corruption.

“I didn’t notice anything about my son Hunter that could affect me or the United States,” Biden said.

Vice President Joe Biden (centre) buys ice cream from a store while walking down Hutong Lane with his grandson Finnegan Biden (right) and son Hunter Biden (left) on December 5, 2013 in Beijing. (via ANDY WONG/AFP, Getty Images)

But there is growing evidence that Hunter Biden’s father used his political power to forge lucrative business deals with hostile countries such as China and Russia, putting US national security at risk.

Mainstream media tried to bury it the hunter is my son under an avalanche of bad reviews. However, the audience response was overwhelmingly positive, and the film received a positive 90 percent viewership rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even a British critic left Independent accepted the hunter is my son taught him something he didn’t know before about corruption in the Biden family.

the hunter is my son, Marking Breitbart’s expansion at the box office, the film was brought to the screen by producers Felim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (gosnell film, FBI Budgies: Undercover).

McAleer and the McElhinney Uncredited Story Society funded the film’s $2.3 million budget from 30,000 backers, and McAleer says it proves the public’s desire to see the story.

starring Laurence FoxVictoria, Inspector Lewis, Professor and madman) as Hunter Biden; Gina Carano (English)Mandalorian, deadpool, theft) as a secret service agent; and John Jamesdynasty) as Joe Biden.

the hunter is my son available AT THE MOMENT for streaming and downloading MySonHunter.com.

Source: Breitbart

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