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Nolte: Charlize Theron admits she traded reputation for reputation

Oscar winner Charlize Theron admitted in a recent interview that she traded her personal reputation for fame.

I still read like that.

One of the most privileged in human history is to use a high-profile interview, as whining and playing the victim has replaced gratitude and class in America’s decaying celebrity culture. harpers He cried because of the difficulties of his life.

But all Theron does is prove she’s not a character:

When a man gives you a piece in front of your eyes – things like that, like that “, – explained Theron. “When I started, there was no talk about it. For example: “This is what you’re wearing.” And I remembered one movie in particular, for this male director who kept asking me made-up questions after fabrication… And it was very clear that it was about my sexuality and how much they could do with me in the movie. And that was the standard when I started.” [emphasis added]

See what you’re doing there? When the director chooses what his actors and actresses will wear, Theron acts like a victim of a perfectly normal and acceptable practice.

But what really came out was that she was crying about how “small” she was.

And yet.

He still did.

In other words, he was given a choice: You may or may not preserve your dignity by refusing to do so. And he decided to renounce his honor.

At that moment, Charlize Theron, a grown woman with an agency that rejects any project, … selected! – would rather be ashamed than give up glory and fame.

This was his choice.

He can leave at any moment and make a living at the cash register or any job that doesn’t bother him.

Charlize Theron didn’t have to endure shame, humiliation, and sexualization. He selected treated like. It’s clear that fame, popularity and money are more important to Charlize Theron than personal reputation.

And why let there be more than one? It would be easy for him to involve a contract rider in a more valuable wardrobe process. But he didn’t, did he? Why? Why? Probably because he’s afraid of ruining his job. Thus, he once again preferred fame and money to personal reputation.

Most women who will stand up and treat you like a “damn” piece of meat have no money or fame to offer. But that’s because “most women” aren’t Charlize Theron. No, most women put their personal dignity before their personal ambitions.

I do not want to be misunderstood. … I don’t think sexy-dressed actresses are prostitutes. Not exactly. As a healthy, normal, red-blooded heterosexual man, I enjoy looking at sexy women like any other man. I’m for T&A. I’m all for objectifying women who want to be objective, and I’ve seen many actresses rise up on the screen while maintaining their dignity and self-esteem.

But Theron is different.

He had a choice: go or be ashamed.

He chose to be shy.

What a pity.

And the only person to blame is Charlize Theron.

He failed a major test of his character, and his victim stance didn’t change my perspective.

It’s also worth noting that Theron’s bare chest gets more screen time than Michael Caine’s.

Source: Breitbart

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